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Intellichlor Salt Water System by Pentair pool

imagine pool water as soft and silky as a gentle evening breeze water that foods and pampers your skin and makes every swim a totally refreshing experience now imagine achieving this sparkling clean crystal clear and inviting water automatically with a simple push of two buttons the Intellichlor salt chlorine generator once you have it all in Telugu uses proven technology and common salt to produce all the chlorine your pool needs to keep your water fresh clear and inviting but that’s just the beginning Intellichlor also makes the water in your pool softer and silkier to the touch gentler on skin and eyes and kinder to bathing suits towel furniture and other pool accessories the effect of salt chlorine generation is similar to bathing in a mineral spa the mild saline solution makes skin feel smoother and your entire body feels more refreshed by generating a constant and consistent supply of fresh chlorine Intellichlor helps eliminate unpleasant chemical pool odor stinging eyes dry skin and the other byproducts of traditional chlorine use with Intellichlor all of the chlorine your pool needs is produced in the pool itself there is no need to buy carry or store chlorine chemicals saving you time and money and eliminating a potential safety hunter unlike chlorine attitudes that must be constantly replenished the salt you use with Intellichlor is recycled continuously day after day with push-button simplicity you choose the chlorine level you want Intellichlor maintains it automatically easy to view displays allow you to quickly check salt cell levels cell cleanliness sanitizer output and water flock and adjustment is as easy as pressing two buttons Intellichlor self clean with an automatic reverse cycling feature that helps prevent scale buildup for longer cell life Intellichlor salt chlorine generator it creates soft silky water with almost effortless convenience one swim and it will make you feel good all over another innovation from 10 you