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Learn About Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

My name is Scott petty I’m haywards product manager for pumps and filters variable-speed pumps first and foremost they save you a lot of energy variable-speed pumps save up to ninety percent compared to traditional single speed pump consider a variable speed pump they’re going to save you money and it’s not just Hayward saying it these pumps are Energy Star listed , so they’re recognized same energy star you may see on your refrigerator or dishwasher it’s the same program it’s been recognized how much these pumps can save Hayward has the broadest lineup of variable speed pumps within the industry what does that mean that means

we have the pump that’s going to be right for every pool that’s out there from the the biggest craziest pool you may have to a more basic pool ,

we have models that are going to be the right size for that in addition to saving money variable-speed pumps are incredibly quiet when they run at low speed it’s also better for the equipment lower speed means less stress so you’re not stressing out your filter and things like that it really is just a better experience you’re typically they’re going to save so much money that they’ll pay for themselves in like one or two years we have tools such as energy calculators on our website that can estimate how much money you can save so again if you’re in the market for a pump certainly recommend that you look for a hayward variable speed pump continue to visit hayward pool products at www.Hayward.com make sure to subscribe to our channel to learn more about hayward pool products you can even view more videos or locate a dealer to find a pool professional near you

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